Sleep Studies

Polysomnography (PSG):

Also known as a sleep study is a powerful diagnostic tool used in sleep medicine. It monitors various body processes including brain activity, eye movements, leg movements, oxygen saturation, and heart activity. It is performed where your sleep is monitored all night long. Further testing, pressure titration studies, involving finding the correct pressure setting is performed at subsequent visits. PSGs are done onsite in a comfortable bedroom setting.

Overnight Video Electroencephalography (EEG):

This is a diagnostic test used to diagnose abnormal behavior during sleep, epilepsy, as well as complicated neurological disorders. It involves monitoring brain activity in addition to the patient.

Multiple Sleep Latency Test (MSLT):

MSLTs are used as measure of the time it takes to go into a state of sleep. Usually it is used to help aid in a diagnosis of narcolepsy. It involves approximately four to five 20 minute naps each of which is two hours apart. Body activities noted are similar to those recorded in the PSG. This is a daytime test and is recorded onsite in a comfortable bedroom setting.