Spinal Decompression

Decompression refers to a surgical procedure performed to relieve pressure and alleviate pain caused by the impingement of bone and/or disc material on the spinal cord or nerves. Our neurosurgeons are trained to do this using minimally invasive spine surgery when applicable.  Your neurosurgeon we talk to you about your individual needs and best treatments options for you.

A spinal decompression is performed to treat conditions such as

Spinal surgeons perform a variety and or combination of procedures to achieve decompression. When determining the optimal surgical procedure, a surgeon will consider patient pathology (the structural and functional changes that led to the patient’s neurological dysfunction), the level or levels of the spine affected and the patient’s medical history.

Types of decompression procedures:

A decompression procedure also may be performed in conjunction with spinal fusion.

Please consult your physician for a complete list of indications, warnings, precautions, adverse effects, clinical results and other important medical information that pertains to a spinal decompression.

Content adapted from Medtronic Catalyst patient education http://catalyst.medtronic.com/catalyst/business-of-medicine/patient-education/

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