Transsphenoidal Surgery 

Transsphenoidal surgery is a minimally invasive procedure used primarily to treat pituitary gland tumors.  The surgery is performed through the nasal cavity (sphenoid sinus) to reach the tumor, rather than having to perform a craniotomy to gain access.

NeuroTexas neurosurgeons use a microscopic/endovascular technique which allows access to the sphenoid sinus without making an incision.  This approach is also called endoscopic endonasal surgery.  Utilizing frameless image guided technology, the neurosurgeon is able to navigate through the nasal cavity and access the pituitary gland and any associated tumor or growth.  They are then able to remove the problem tissue.

In addition to it being a very effective technique to treat pituitary gland tumors our neurosurgeons prefer this method as it causes little disruption to nasal tissue and the patient does not require nasal packing post-surgery.

Transsphenoidal surgery is appropriate for the vast majority of pituitary gland tumors, however our neurosurgeon will discuss the best treatment for your individual condition.

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