Carpal Tunnel

Carpal tunnel syndrome is a common hand problem caused by compression of the median nerve at the wrist.  It generally occurs as a result of the median nerve becoming irritated by repetitive movements, including jobs or activities that require long term repetitive motion of the wrist.  Examples of such movements include, keyboard typing, texting, playing musical instruments and certain factory roles.  These activities that cause swelling, thickening or irritation of the membranes around the tendons in the carpal tunnel result in pressure on the median nerve.  This pressure disrupts communication from the hand via the arm to the central nervous system.

The median nerve supplies feeling to the thumb, index, middle and ring fingers and provides movement to the muscles of the thumb and hand.


  • Hand or wrist pain
  • Burning sensation in middle and index fingers
  • Thumb and finger numbness
  • Electric like shock through the wrist and hand

Risks factors

Individuals with the conditions below may be at greater risk of developing Carpal tunnel Syndrome:

  • Previously broken or dislocated wrist bones
  • Diabetes
  • Pregnancy
  • Thyroid issues
  • Obesity
  • Any activity that causes repetitive wrist bending and hand grasping.


Non surgical treatment aims to minimize or eliminate repetitive movement of the wrist.  This may include splinting, exercises and changes to your environment and activities.  If these measures do not alleviate the problem then surgery may be an option.  Our neurosurgeon are trained to surgically treat carpal tunnel by relieving the pressure on the median nerve.


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