Spinal Disorder Treatments

The NeuroTexas Center for the Treatment of Spinal Disorders treats all disorders of the spine utilizing the newest techniques, including minimally invasive.  In addition to their general neurosurgical studies our neurosurgeons completed additional training to specialize in treating the entire spine, including both the spinal column and the spinal cord.  They are considered thought leaders in neurological surgical care and provide our patients the best care possible.

Brain Aneurysm & Cerebrovascular Disease Treatments

Our Center for the Treatment of Brain Aneurysms and Cerebrovascular Disease utilizes both endovascular techniques and open surgery to treat these complex conditions.  Our neurosurgeons also use the newest technological advances including image guided surgery to give our patients the best care possible. Embolization treatment simply refers to blocking the blood flow to a particular vessel.  It is used to treat a number of conditions including aneurysms and an array of cerebrovascular conditions.  There is no one treatment that is the best option for everyone and our neurosurgeons will discuss the best treatment option for your individual condition.

Brain & Neuro-oncology Treatments

The type of tumor, the location, and the prognosis for the patient are all used to decide what type of treatment is best. Our neurosurgeons often work with oncologists, radiologists and other doctors who specialize in taking care of patients with cancer to provide you with the best care possible.    You and your team may conclude that it is best to firstly reduce the size of the tumor with radiation prior to surgery. Additional radiation and or chemotherapy may be continued following surgery.

We appreciate that this is a scary time for patients and their loved ones and will endeavor to answer all your questions to ensure you are as informed as possible.  Many nervous system tumors can be treated with very good results.

Peripheral Nerve Disorder Treatments

We are pleased to offer our patients complete neurological surgical treatment options including treatment of both the central and peripheral nervous systems.  The peripheral nerves play a vital role in communicating motor (movement) and sensory information to and fro the brain via the spinal cord.  Injury to peripheral nerves can be both painful and debilitating.  The goal of peripheral nerve surgery is to restore neurological function and relieve painful symptoms.  Our neurosurgeons are trained to repair nerves and relieve pressure on key nerves.

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