Surgical Resection

Surgical resection refers to the surgical removal of abnormal tissue.

Resection is used to treat tumors and other abnormal tissue throughout the body.  Our neurosurgeons at NeuroTexas are skilled to perform surgical resection throughout the central and peripheral nervous system, including the brain, spinal cord and peripheral nerves.

A piece of the tissue may be removed (biopsy) for diagnostic purposes.

Alternatively part or entire abnormal tissue may be removed for treatment.  Depending on the location and type of the growth the resection for treatment may involve removal of all or part of the growth.

Your neurosurgeon will assess the benefits of removal with the risk of further neurological damage and determine the best treatment for your individual condition.

To access a growth on the brain your neurosurgeon will need to perform a burr hole (small hole) into the skull or a craniotomy (removal of part of the skull). Surgical resection in other parts of the nervous system will require anesthesia and an incision at the site of the abnormal tissue. The goal of surgical resection is to remove abnormal tissue whilst maintaining and or improving neurological function.


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