A vertebroplasty is used to treat a painful compression fracture of the spine.  The procedure involves injecting a medical cement into the fractured vertebra. Using image guidance this is a minimally invasive procedure and does not generally require an overnight stay in the hospital.

Most often a vertebroplasty is recommended to treat a compression fracture as a result of osteoporosis.  Other causes include those patients with impaired bone healing, such as the elderly or frail, or a vertebral compression due to a malignant tumor.

The Procedure

  • Patient lies face down.
  • Using image guidance a hollow needle (trocar) is inserted within the fractures vertebra and the medical cement is injected.
  • Once the cement has hardened (approx. 20 minutes) the needle is removed.

As always our neurosurgeons will discuss with you the best treatment option to meet your individual needs.

Content adapted from Medtronic Catalyst patient education

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